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Party activities

There are so many party activities to entertain your guests whether they are big or small.

Check out these fun things...


Craft is a fabulous activity for kids parties or a way to creatively express ideas.  For some great ideas, how to videos and step-by-step instructions this is a must see page.  We are continually adding new ideas and many of these will be tied into the party themes also on this site.

Fun craft and decoration ideas to try

Face painting

Whether it's a princess, a fierce dragon or a rainbow, here are the basics you need to get you set up and ready to roll when face painting.

Face painting tips and set-up


Remember all the games you used to play as a kid?  Apple bobbing; egg and spoon races; quoits; sack races; three legged race; treasure hunts; tug of war?  Here's a list of some of those traditional party games and a bunch of others along with how to play them that's sure to put a simle on your face whether big or little.

    Party games for all ages

Photo booth fun

Dress up your party or event with fun photo props. It's easy to create your own or download our templates to get started. Photo booth fun

Glasses and moustaches

Crowns and bowties

Christmas, elf, pixie

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