Cake chips - a fun snack for everyone

Made from toasted cake slices, these are the yummiest and fun treat around.  Great as a snack, fabulous for kids parties of just for fun!

 Sweet, crunchy and NOT a potato in site!

Watch them disappear - FAST!

Step 1

Take one good old madira cake and a chip slicer,

Step 2

Slice the cake in 1cm slices.

Step 3

Trim the dark edges off the slices and cut chip pieces from each slice.

Step 4

Place on an oven tray lined with baking paper.

Step 5

Toast under the griller for about 10 minutes.  Turn over and toast the other side as well.

Step 6

Place some strawberries and/or cherries in a bowl and puree for 'tomato sauce'.

Step 7

Serve the puree in a bowl along side the 'chips' and watch them disappear!  Yummy!

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