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Boxing cake


This cake was made by Jill for her son's 11th birthday.  I met her at a kids party and we got talking.  She has let me share some of her tips when making this amazing boxing cake. It was her first ever cake using fondant.  It's so professional.  No wonder she spent 10 hours making it.  The results are AMAZING!!! 
Thanks Jill!
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Boxing cake tips 
  • The ropes are kebab skewers painted red (they need to be rigid). Note: you can colour kebab skewers using food colouring. Regular dyes may have toxins.
  • The poles are wooden dowels covered in fondant.
  • The floor and writing is all fondant.
  • Use Crisco (vegetable fat another alternative is Copha) instead of icing sugar or cornflour to stop black icing sticking when working with it, it doesn't leave white powder marks.
  • The cake was a Pams chocolate cake. It was baked in two halves.
  • I used chocolate ganache under the icing to get crisp edges


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