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How to make a checkered cake

When you can't decide what flavour to have - have more than one!  This checkered cake is easy to make and fun when cut.  While this one is based on chocolate and vanilla, the possibilities are up to you.  You might want all vanilla but pink and white or blue and white or pink and blue.  It's all up to you!  Have fun.

Step 1

Decide your what flavours and/or colours you'd like.  Here we chose chocolate and vanilla.  Make one cake in each flavour.

Step 2

When you have both cakes cooked and cooled, stack them on top of each other then cut into three equal sections from the top of the cake to the bottom of the cake.

Stacking the two cakes on top of each other ensures you have the same size pieces when you go to mix and match them for your check pattern. 

Step 3

Unstack your cakes then mix and match the layers in a check pattern as per the example below.

Step 4

Once you have organised your pattern, ganache each piece and re-stack.

Step 5

Once you have recomposed your cake, ganache the entire cake.  Ensure you get a smooth even coverage on the top layer or you may end up with sagging between the sections.

Step 6

Ice and decorate your cake and enjoy!

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