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Tutorial: How to make a Marble cake

Step 1

Prepare your tins by greasing them with butter, dusting with flour and lining with baking paper.  Put baking paper on the bottom so when you go to create the marble effect you can put the stirrer right to the bottom without compromising the tin preparation and having it stick later.

Step 2

Prepare your cake mixture in two bowls.  This demonstration uses vanilla and chocolate but you can have any colours or flavours.

Tip: The bigger the contrast in colours, the more effective the end result will be.


Step 3

Place dollops or stripes of one mixture into the prepared cake tin.


Step 4

Place dollops or stripes of the alternate mixture into the gaps between the first mixture.  This helps to ensure you have an even mix of your different colours so when you mix them they aren’t all in one spot.

Continue layering alternate dollops or stripes until you have used all the mixture.




Step 5

Once you have used up all the mixture, use a chop stick, end or a spoon or other similar object to create your marble effect.  Start at one end, place the stirrer right to the bottom of the tin and move it left to right in a zig-zag all the way to the other end of the pan.  Do another zig-zag this time from top to bottom instead of left to right.  Do it once in each direction only.

Tip: Mixing too much starts to blend the two colours together too much and the marble effect is not so clear. 



Step 6

 Cook the cakes according to the instructions.


Step 7

Enjoy! When cut, the cakes have a lovely marble effect.

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