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Cake, cup cake & pop tutorials

The cake is often central to the party celebration.  Themed cakes are becoming more common and these days there are so many options to decorate cakes the creativity is endless.

To help you get started on choosing and creating your cake, we've got some decorating tips, basic terminology, links and even some video tutorials.  You can also check out our cake photo gallery.  Give it a go.  Cake decorating can be lots of fun, a great creative outlet and hugely satisfying - especially when your child loves what you made them!


Featured tutorial

Pop corn box cake

Great for a Movie party or Hollywood party this is a fun and easy cake to make.

This tutorial provides various options you can use to decorate this cake depending on what you have available.

Resource: Pop corn box cake template (free, members only)

Cake & cup cake tutorials

Boxing cake

Fabulous for a budding boxer or sports fan. A beautifully crafted cake shared with us by Jill one of our visitors.  Amazing!

Celebration streamers

Decorate your cake with pretty celebration streamers that are easy to make and look great.

Perfect for any cellebration - New Years, welcome party or anything that takes your fancy!

Checkered cake (inside pattern)

When you cut this cake, you get a checkered pattern on the inside.  I like chocolate and vanilla but you can also have different colours and flavours. A fun surprise when you can't decide what flavour you want.

Christmas pudding cup cakes

Instead of having a heavy Christmas pudding, try one of these light and lovely cup cakes!

Elf or Pixie cup cakes

Santa's little helper shows you step by step how to create cute elf cup cakes ready for Christmas!

Perfect as a treat of personalised gift!

Frog cake

Sure to put a smile on anyones face.  This happy little frog cake is easy to make. Great as a frog prince, a reptile party, underwater party and more.

Hidden shape cakes

This little cup cake is perfect for your sweet vallentine!  Add a butterfly shape for a little girls party or a star for a circus party.

Hidden shape cakes are all the rage right now. What shapes will you hide?

Marble cake (inside pattern)

This is when you  have swirls of different colours like marble throughout the cake.  Very effective for wizard cakes.

Number cakes

These step-by-step instructions and templates allow you to create any number you want. Whatever age birthday you're having, you can create the cake to match.

Select your number(s):

Zero   One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight   Nine   Ten

Pirate cake

Ahoy me hardies! Watch out or I'll make you walk the plank...although this pirate looks way to nice to do that.

Polka dot cake

Celebrate the New Year with a fun, colourful cake!  This cake always gets a great reception and is very easy to make.

Quilted cup cakes (video tutorial)

Great for princesses, fit for a Queen or any royal occasion.  These elegant quilted cup cakes are also perfect for weddings, engagements and high teas.

Rainbow cake (inside pattern)

A burst of rainbow layers.  I love that this cake can be so unassuming on the outside and so colourful on the inside!  I love the "Oh" and "Wow" when this one is cut.

Raindeer cup cakes

Put a smile on the kids faces when Rudolf shows up as a tasty treat!

Follow these simple step by steps to see how.

Royal cup cakes (video tutorial)

This video tutorial shows you how to create patterns and embed shapes using fondant. Let your imagination go as you can make all sorts of designs and colour combinations.

Smash cake (Chocolate pinata)

Smash cakes, also known as chocolate pinatas are a great gift or party game idea.  They are also lots of fun!  Like a traditional pinata you have to 'smash' it open to get the goodies.  The difference is, the container is also ALL chocolate!

Teddy bear face cup cake

You can make this cute little teddy bear face in any colour but chocolate fondant is a big hit!

Toadstool cake

Perfect for little fairy houses this toadstool cake is ideal for a fairy party or garden party.

Train cake

Toot! Toot! This big red train is on the way to celebrate.

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