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Tutorial: cake shape number 1


A number one cake can be as simple as a couple of loaf cakes to make a long line or a square cake cut in two and stacked on each other.  If you would like a bit more shape, then follow these steps.

Step 1

Download the template for the number one shape.   Print out the template and cut out the number two shape.  This will be used as a guide to cut the number two shape out on your cake.

Resource: Cake shape number one template (members only)

Step 2

If you are using two cakes, prepare them by trimming to ensure they sit well together.


Step 3

Click to Using toothpicks or skewers, lay the template on your cakes and anchor it down so that it doesn't slip.

Tip: Make sure you count the toothpicks or skewers to ensure you remove them all when you are finished cutting your cake.


Using a serrated knife, cut out the template to create the number one shape.

Tip: cut away and remove the easy large parts first, then cut into the cake for more detail for the smaller pieces.


Step 5

Remove the template and all the toothpicks or skewers and it is ready to ice and decorate.

Tip: You can use off cuts to make cake pops. Cake pops are fun little cakes on sticks. They are great for take home treats or extra party food nibbles.


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