How to make choc pop thongs (flip flops) for
Australia Day

Australia Day is 26 January and keeping with Aussie style is the good old Aussie thong (AKA flip flops).

Chocolate pop thongs are a fun way to celebrate and making them in the Aussie green and gold is perfect and easy.

Step 1

You'll need a thong chocolate pop mould, some lollipop sticks, candy melts or chocolate buttons (for melting) and food colourings suitable for chocolate.

Tip: Use an oil based food colouring or powder when colouring chocolate as regular liquid colourings in the supermarket can be problematic.

Step 2

Candy writers are available from cake decorating stores and are great for decorating.  They are easy to use for details.  To use candy writers just place in a glass of hot (not boiling water) until they soften.  Massaging the tube as they soak helps the process.

Step 3

For the thongs I used green on yellow for one pair and yellow on green fot the other.  In each case I did the straps with the candy writer. I also did a pink pair just for fun.

Once you've completed the details on your choc pops, you can prepare the chocolate for the rest of the thong.

Step 4

After melting the chocolate colour  it with a suitable food colouring for chocolate.

Mix until smooth.

As I was using both yellow and green for the base of mu thongs, I coloured the yellow chocolate first then used the remainder of the yellow to colour it green rather than use another bowl.  It saves on the washing up!

Ste 5

Spoon the chocolate into the rest of the thong area and place a lollipop stick in ensuring you cover it with chocolate as you do.

Step 6

Place in the fridge for a few minutes or until set.

Step 7

Once set, carefully pop the the chocolate before lifting with the lollipop stick.  Pulling up with the lollipop stick fist can crack the chocolate.

Step 8

Place in a stand or wrap in a cellophane bag and enjoy!

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