How to decorate Christmas pudding cup cakes

Instead of having a heavy Christmas pudding, try one of these light and lovely cup cakes!

Step 1

Cover your cup cake with either butter cream or jam (that doesn't have fruit in it).

This helps to smooth out bumps and keep your cake moist.

Step 2

Using a round cutter the same size as your cupcake, roll out some chocolate fondant and cut as many circles as you have cup cakes then place on the prepared cup cake.

Step 3

Using either a cake smoother of flexible piece of plastic, smooth the fondant edges down around the edge of the cake so they blend in rather than sit on top of the cake.

Step 4

Roll out some white fondant only a couple of mm thick.  Using a frilled edge of a round cutter the same size as your cake, cut a circle.

Tip: many circle cutters are plain on one side and frilled on the flip side as this one is here.  Perfect!

Step 5

Using the smooth round edge of the cutter used to cut the base of your decoration in step 2, cut a piece out of the frilled round piece you cut in step 4.  This ensures the top edge of your white 'frosting' lines up perfectly with your 'pudding' edge.

Tip: If you don't have a suitable frilled cutter use other shapes such as flowers to create variations on how you decorate your puddings.

Step 6

Using a small smear of water, attach your 'frosting' to your 'pudding'.

Step 7

Using a holly leave cutter, create leaves (about 3 for each cup cake) and attach them to your puddings with a little water the same way you did in step 6.

Tip: If you don't have a holly leaf shape, cut a basic leaf shape out and use a small piping tip to cut the circle edge pieces out of the edges.


Add some small red berries for a finishing touch.  These can be rolled from red fondant, or alternatively you can use some ready made ones such as candy beads, pearls or cachous.

Tip: as a gift, you can place cup cakes into a presentation box and tie with ribbon.

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