How to make dappled eggs

Perfect for a wizard and dragon theme party, dinosaur party, some Easter fun or just a surprize lunchbox treat.  These simple dappled eggs are a snap to make.

Step 1

Hard boil as many eggs as you want to use. Gather some food colours in the colours you want and a glass or bowl of water for each one.

Step 2

Gently tap the shell of the hard boiled egg all over cracking it in as many places as you can.

Step 3

Once the egg shell is cracked all over the egg, place it in a bowl of water and food colouring of your choosing.  Leave the eggs there for at least 15 minutes.

Tip: the longer you leave the egg in the food colouring, the darker the colour will be.

Step 4

After the egg has had time to take on the colour from the food dye, carefully peel away the shell to reveal your dappled egg.  Easy!

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