Easter fun for everyone

Make and decorate an Easter hat

There are so many ways to decorate a hat for Easter you can let your imagination run wild.

Get started by learning the basics of how to make a tall (or short boda) hat using cereal boxes. Free decoration templates.

Step by step: Make a hat

Rabbit and carrott pencil toppers

A fluffy little tail, cubby little cheeks, two big teeth and goo goo eyes!  One adorable little bunny.  Of course, little rabbits do need carrotts to eat.

These sweet little pencil toppers take only a few minutes to make and are a delightful party take home treat, craft activity or fun way to celebrate Easter.  Step by step: Make your own toppers

Dye eggs

Want to use up those old eggs, create something colourful for Easter or just occupy the kids in the holidays?  Decorating eggs in a fun, colourful way is just the trick!

Video: How to dye eggs

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