Easter pencil toppers

A fluffy little tail, cubby little cheeks, two big teeth and goo goo eyes!  One adorable little bunny.

Of course, little rabbits do need carrotts to eat.

These sweet little pencil toppers take only a few minutes to make and are a delightful party take home treat, craft activity or fun way to celebrate Easter.

What you need: Rabbit pencil topper

You don't need much.  Just:
  • A pipe cleanner - chosen in the colour you want your little rabbit to be.
  • Two tiny pom poms for cheeks
  • One pom pom slightly larger than the ones you chose for your cheeks (but you can make do with the same size)
  • Two eyes
  • One small piece of card or paper oblong with a line down the centre for teeth

Step 1

Make a loop in the top of your pipe cleaner using about a third of the length.

Step 2

Push the centre of the loop down in the middle until you have two ears.

Step 3

Wind the rest of the pipe cleanner around your pen.

Step 4

Stick your teeth on at the top of your rabbits body in line with the centre of the ears.

Step 5

Stick your two pom pom cheecks on over the teeth.

Step 6

Add two little eyes.

Step 7

Add your pom pom tail to finish your rabbit!

What you need: Carrot pencil topper

It doesn't take much to feed your little rabbit some carrotts!

You need a green pipe cleanner and an orange one.  Apart from that, all you need is a pen, pencil or some other thing to sit it on.


Step 1

Leave a small length in your green pipe cleanner. This will be how you secure the green carrott topper to the rest of the carrot.  Continue to make small loops until you have used up the remaining length of your green pipe cleanner.  This will be your carrott topper. 

Step 2

Secure the green carrott topper to your pen with the orange pipe cleanner by winding it around the pen.  Continue to wind the pipe clenner the rest of the way down the pen and you have your carrott topper!  Super easy!

Enjoy your little toppers!

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