How to decorate elf cup cakes

These cute little elf's will be a joy at any fantasy party, pixie party or Christmas party and they are also scrumptious!

Step 1

Cover your cup cake with either butter cream or jam (that doesn't have fruit in it).

This helps to smooth out bumps and keep your cake moist.

Step 2

Using a round cutter the size of your cup cake, cut a piece from thinly rolled fondant and lay it on your cup cake to create the face.

I've used ivory coloured fondant for my elf faces.

Step 3

Roll out a strip of green or red fondant for the elft hat.  Using the same size cutter you used for the face of your elf, cut a circle at one end.  This will ensure the hat fits the shape of your elf face correctly.

Step 4

Using a sharp knife of pizza cutter, cut the points of the elf hat.

Step 5

Attach the hat to the face with a little water.

Step 6

Flip the top of the hat down on to the face.  Be careful to ensue you position it not to cover an eye spot.

Step 7

To add a nose, roll some small balls and glue to the centre of the face with some water.

Step 8

To create the eares, roll a small ball of fondant then pinch it into a triangle shape to create the basis of the pointy elf ears.

Step 9

Using the end of a paint brush, indent the triangle you made in the earlier step to create the elf ear shell.

Step 10

Attach the elf ear to the sides of your elf faces with a little water.

Step 11

For eyes, roll two small balls and adhere to the face with some water.

Step 12

To help your elf see, add some pupils.  You can do this using tiny balls of black fondant or with an edible black pen.

Step 13

To create a smile, use the edge of a circle cutter or piping tip and indent one edge into the fondant.

You can add extra detail with smaller indents on either one or both sides of the mouth for character.

Step 14 - enjoy!

Enjoy your cup cake just as it is or ....

place it in a pretty presentation box as a gift!

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