Fun and easy party food ideas

Sometimes party food is just about the presentation.  You don't have to be a genius in the kitchen to create a great party.  Select from these simple party food ideas to suit your party theme and have some fun!

Latest food ideas

These bit size chocolate chroissants are morsals straight from heaven.  Serve them warm and watch them disappear in a flash.

The best thing is how easy they are to make so you won't have to wait long for a second batch!

Step by step: Chocolate croissants

Alien fruit pot

Such a simple concept and perfect for alien, outer space, monster parties or even Halloween.

Try these creative ideas:

Butterfly treat bags (using pegs)

Sweet or savory, these little butterfly treat bags will let your imagination fly with ideas to put in them.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Cheese and biscuits
  • Grapes and strawberries
  • Biscuits and waffers
  • Carrot and sultanas
  • Smarties and other lollies
  • Pop corn

Step by step to make your own


This fun snack is great as an afternoon treat, perfect for a circus, disco or rock'n'roll party.

Tasty, crunchy and .... sweet?  Yes, these are made from cake not potato.

Find out how with these easy steps...

Chocolate pop thongs (AKA flip flops)

Chocolate pop thongs (AKA flip flops) in the Aussie green and gold are a fun way to celebrate Australia Day on 26 January. The kids will love them!

Step by step: Chocolate pop thongs (AKA flip flops)

Candy cane raindeers

These cute little candy cane raindeer are a fun Christmas craft treat for kids.  You can hang them on the tree, tie them to a gift or hand them out at a Christmas party - even a Youlfest, Christmas in July celebration.  Perhaps you just want to keep the kids amused for a while.  It's all good fun and easy to do.

Step by step: make your own

Dappled eggs

Perfect for a wizard and dragon theme party, dinosaur party, some Easter fun or just a surprize lunchbox treat.  These simple dappled eggs are a snap to make.

Step by step: how to make dappled eggs

Evil eyes

A traditional italian salad now has an evil counterpart.  

Check it out...

Ham and cheese pinwheels

These looks so pretty on the plate and are quick to make. They are ideal for an Alice in Wonderland party, tea party or just a snack.

Learn more...

Hershy's kisses mice

Hicory Dickory Dock

The mouse ran up the clock...

A great kids party favour or fun lunchbox treat, this cute little mouse won't get far as it will be gobbled up quick as a wink given it's made of chocolate.

Step by step: Make your own

Hungry caterpillar snack

He's cute.  He's tasty, easy to make and very very healthy!

Great as a snack for a kids party with a hungry caterpillar theme.

Step by step instructions here

Gruesome graveyard hand

Fresh, fun and easy to make.  

For this and more ideas...

Marshmallow ghost

Nothing could be easier than this cute marshmallow ghost.  perfect for a spooky party, Halloween or monster event!

Want some more ideas...

Ice-cream sandwich

This fun and tasty ice-cream sandwich is terrific summer treat, fun desert or snack or delightful party food.

Quick and easy to make you can try any combination of ice-cream or biscuit flavours.  Make them all the same or make them all different and then enjoy!

Step by step: how to make an easy ice-cream sandwich

Queen of hearts tarts

Off with their heads!  These little heart tarts are fun for an Alice in Wonderland tea party, a fairy party or Vallentines Day.

Want the recipe...

Rainbow fruit platter

Create a rainbow of fruit as a healthy party treat option!

Try these rainbow fruit suggestions

Rotting teeth that are actually good for you!

Red or green or a mix of both, these chattering teeth are lots of fun.

Try this and other ideas...

Flower pot fruit

Sometimes it's just about how you present your food that makes if fun and exciting.

Monster lolly jar

There are so many lollies, so many shapes and colours to choose from to create your wild and funky monsters.

See some other ideas on how to present your tasty treats

Mummy saussages

Tasty Chipolata sausages wrapped in pastry make great treats for hungry little monsters!

See this and other ideas

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