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How to decorate a frog cake

Follow these step by step instructions to make this easy and fun frog cake. Great for kids parties or as a fun creative activity.

Step 1: preparing the cake

You will need two cakes.  One must be round for the face.  The other must be big enough for you to cut out two smaller round eyes.

The eyes can be cut out using a serrated knife and a glass or other round object as a guide. Refrigerating the cake prior to cutting can help to reduce crumbs.

Step 2: Prepare the icing

Add a few drops of colouring to your icing.  Mix well.  Continue to add more drops then mix until you get the colour you want.  It is always best to start with a lighter colour and build it up rather than trying to undo a colour. 


Step 3: ice the cake

Smooth the icing over the entire cake.


Step 4: Decorate

Roll out some white fondant (also called sugar paste) and cut two circles for the eyes.  Alternatively a large white marshmallow cut in half will also work.

Add a touch of red colouring to the left over white pieces and roll out again. Cut two more circles for the cheeks.  You can also try a couple of large freckly chocloates instead.  They also make a very cute freckle faced frog!


Step 5: Add the detail

Using a tube of black writing gel, add some pupils and a smile then enjoy!

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