Halloween shadow puppets

Create your own spooky fun and games with this easy to make Halloween shadow puppet theatre.  Grave, witch, cats, pumpkin, spooky tree, spooky house, bat and ghost - all the templates you need for ghoulish glee!

Step 1

Down load our templates or crate your own.

Resources: Free Halloween templates (members only)

Step 2

Cut out and trace the the templates on to a light cardboard (we used a on ceral box).  You can also print them out on a light card stock so you can cut them straight out.

Tip: Making your props in cardboard helps to ensure they block out the light properly.  You don't want sticks or wires to show through your props and pupets.

Step 3

Cut out your templates.


  • When cutting the windos, put a hole in the centre and cut sections out first. This will make it easier to get your circle nice and round.
  • Use a hole punch to add eyes and other detail to props.
  • Add different coloured cellophane to your props to make them extra spooky.

Step 4

Attach wire or sticks to your props.

Tip: We used florists wire.  Once attached, we bent the wire so it was at a 90 degree angle to our prop.  This way it kept the wire behind the prop and out of the way of the light.  It also kept our hands well back from the light too.

Step 5

Create your theatre.

Cut out windows in an old cardboard box to create your different story scene windows.  We used baking paper to create our screen windows. 

Tip: Use staples to secure the baking paper to your box.  Sticky tape doesn't stick as well.

Step 6

Create your stage. 

Secure your props to your various scene windows.  We used sticky tape for this.

Tip: make sure the patern side faces in/plain side out.  This way any reflected light won't show the pattern up.

Step 7

Turn out the lights, pull down the shades and start the show.

Tip: While a white light or torch is effective, particularly if you've used different coloured cellophane to add spooky eyes and other detail, we found some egg lights that changed colour on their.  These were cheap battery operated ones and gave a really effective look.

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