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October 31 is Halloween.

Time to get into the ghastly, ghostly and grizzly things that go bump in the night! Have fun with some of these ideas.


Carve a halloween pumpkin

Jack-O-Lanterns are lots of fun!  Add a flickering light and watch the eyes dance. They are easy to carve too.

Enjoy this video that shows you how

Halloween lantern jars

Give your old jam, chutney and pickle jars a spooky make over!

Here's how to make your own Halloween lantern jars

Spider web windows

Using wool, curling ribbon or string weave your own web over windows for a spooky spider touch.  Add a few big plastic spiders but don't scare yourself when you forget and open the windows!

How to weave your own spider web window

Monster fun games

Gutsy guessing game

This is a huge hit. The object of this game is for the player to their hand inside the box without looking to guess what's inside.  Will it be 'cold, wet intestines', 'battered brains' or 'dead man's fingers'? Perhaps it's a spider, rat or even vampire blood!

Collect some boxes that you can close up easily once you've out your object inside. Cut a hole in the side just big enough to be able to put your hand in to feel whatever is inside. Adding a cloth over the hand entrance hole helps to hide the object inside.  Altternatively put your object in a bowl and cover with a cloth.

Inside your box or bowl you can have your 'object'. Will your player be brave enough to reach in and touch the unknown item?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Cold, wet intestines: cold spaghetti
  • Battered brains: a bowl of jelly
  • Dead man's fingers: cheese sticks
  • Vampire blood: some honey mixed with a little red food colouring (make sure you have hand wipes day for this one)
  • Lizard eyeballs: peeled grapes
  • Monster eyeballs: hard boiled egg
  • Cut-off fingers: cocktail sausages
  • Skin: pieces of soft flour tortilla
  • Diced reptile skin: sultanas
  • Toy spiders, snakes, rats, and bats
  • Plastic vampire teeth

Make a Mummy

This game is played in pairs. One player is the 'mummy' the other player (or players) are the mummy makers.

Give the mummy maker/s a roll of white toilet paper to wrap their mummy with leaving the eyes, nose and mouth uncovered. The first player/group to make their mummy, wins.

Tangled spider web

Players stand in a circle. The first player tosses a ball of wool across to a player on the opposite side. That player holds onto the wool so it is stretched out between them and the first player and then tosses it to another player.  Each player does the same thing until a big black spider web is made.

Apple bobbing
Fill a tub or bucket with water and float a bunch of apples in it.  Make sure you remove the stalks. Next, get ready for the giggles, splashes and fun.  Players need to lean over the bucket and remove an apple with only their mouth. Not as easy as it sounds. Having fewer apples in the bucket will make the game a little tricker. The first person able to take an apple out of the bucket wins. Alternatively, one apple could be specially marked and the first person to retrieve this one is the winner.
Tips: Make sure you have plenty of towels ready for guests to dry off with. Don't play this on carpet! An alternative to this game is to hang apples on the clothes line using the stalks and some string.  Players need to eat the apple without using their hands.

Craft: Halloween shadow puppet theatre

A simple, spooky and fun craft activity that will keep busy hands busy and the imagination brimming with stories!

Step by step: How to make this great theatre with free downloadable templates.

Tasty morsels for hungry little monsters!

Mummy saussages

Tasty Chipolata sausages wrapped in pastry make great treats for hungry little monsters!

Cook the Chiplata's then wrap in strips of ready made pastry.  Lightly brush with milk then bake in the oven until golden.

Evil eyes

A traditional italian salad now has an evil counterpart.  Baby bocchini cheese is great for goggly eyes with olive slice eyes and a caper pupil. Larger bocchini is excellent when accented with basil eye brows.

Gruesome graveyard hand

Fresh, fun and easy to make.  Cut strips of carrot as fingers and arrange in either dip or humus.  Use the dip or humus to attach slithered almond as nails and you have a handy little snack!

Rotting teeth that are actually good for you!

Red or green or a mix of both, these chattering teeth are lots of fun.  Cut slices of apple and using a sharp knife make slits around the inside of the lips (the side with the skin on he edge of it).  These will be the slots where you can insert the almond slither teeth.  I made the holes first as the slithers are quite fragile and it ensured I didn't break them when I slotted the teeth in.

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