Step by step: Hershy kiss mouse

Hicory Dickory Dock

The mouse ran up the clock...

A great kids party favour or fun lunchbox treat, this cute little mouse won't get far as it will be gobbled up quick as a wink given it's made of chocolate.

Step 1

You will need:

2 Hershy kiss chocolates

2 eyes

1 pink love heart cut out of paper (for ears)

1 piece of pink curling ribbon (for tail)

Some glue or double sided tape


Step 2

Attach the heart to the bottom of one of the Hershy's chocolates using the double sided tape.

Step 3

Attach the other Hershy's kiss chocolate to the bottom of the first one so the heart is sandwiched in the middle. 

Step 4

Trim one of the Kisses tags (only trim one as we will use the other to attach the tail).

Step 4

Add some eyes and your mouse is almost done.

Step 5

Attach the curling ribbon to the uncut tag and your mouse is complete!