Hidden shapes in cakes

The element of surprise and fun of these little cup cakes gets a great reaction.  Have fun trying diferent shapes.  Hearts for your vallentine, butterflies for a little girls party or starts for a circus party.  Here are a few we've tried.  You may also like to try the pretty rainbow polka dot cake which uses a similar method.




Step 1

Make a single layer cake in the colour you want your internal shape to be.  When cooled, using cutters that will fit into our cup cake, cut out the shapes you want.


  • The simpler shape cutter the better definition your end result will have.
  • Cut your cake into strips the size of your cutter to avoid damaging larger areas of the cake when you cut out your shapes.

Step 2

Prepare your cup cake tin using different coloured cases to hide different cake shapes in.  I used red cases for hearts and pink for butterflies.

Tip: Mark the bottom of each patty with a small dot to remind you later which way you face your shape.  Be consistent to avoid mixing things up.  You don't want to cut your shape the wrong way later on and mess up your design.

Step 3

Prepare a contrasting colour cake mix and place a small amount of the second colour into each patty.

Step 4

Select your shape and place into the prepared cup cake patty ensuring you face all shapes to match up with your maker on the bottom outside of your patty paper.

Tip: with shapes that have large cut out sections, fill separately before placing in the patty to ensure the mix reaches the edges of your shape and doesn't leave gaps.

Step 5

Once you've placed our shape into your patty, ensure you encase it with your contrasting coloured cake mix. 

Ensure you have enough mix to reach about half way up your shape so when it rises, it will cover your shape completely.  You will find your shape will stick out a little but this is okay.  As long as it is encased, it won't dry out.

Step 6

Bake according to the instructions.

Step 7

Decorate when coolled and enjoy!

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