Hungry caterpillar snack

He's cute, he's tasty, easy to make and very, very healthy!

Step 1

You'll need some sultanas and a red and a green apple.  Make sure they both have stalks (long ones if you can).

Step 2

Slice one side of the red apple off.  This will be the face of your little caterpillar. 

Step 3

Slice two small pieces of skin out of the front of the red apple face.  These will be the eyes.

Step 4

Cut your green apple into long slices.  Start by cutting the sides of the apple off and cutting them length ways and then cut the remaining sides into long slices too.  These will make up your caterpillar body.

Cut some small pieces of green from the green apple core that can be used as the pupil and mouth of your caterpillar.

Step 5

Remove the stalks as these will be used as the antenas.

Step 6

Arrange your apple pieces on a long flat dish to create your caterpillar.  Add your sultanas for legs and antena stalks and you have your completed, fun dish. 

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