How to make an easy ice-cream sandwich

This fun and tasty ice-cream sandwich is terrific summer treat, fun desert or snack or delightful party food.

Quick and easy to make you can try any combination of ice-cream or biscuit flavours.  Make them all the same or make them all different and then enjoy!

Step 1

Use a cookie-cutter to cut two shapes out of a biscuit.  One will be the top, the other the bottom of the sandwich.

Tips: Remember when cutting your shapes, ensure the side you want to show is facing out.  

When chosing your shape use simple designs as  intricate designs are more likely to break.

A deep cutter is ideal as you have more room for ice-cream when filling it later.

Step 2

Once you have your shapes cut, place one on the bottom of your cutter the fill with your desired ice-cream.

Tip: before you start using the ice-cream, ensure you have enough space in the freezer to place the finished sandwiches inside to stay frozen until they are ready for serving.

Step 3

Place the second cut shape on the top ensuring the design you want to show is facing out (away from the ice-cream).

Step 4

Gently slide the ice-cream sandwich out of the cutter on to a plate or tray and place directly back in the freezer.

Step 5

Add a little extra touch by dipping in sprinkles or hundreds and thousands.

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