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Little red ridding hood

Another wonderful storybook theme for boys and girls alike.

The setting of this story is in the woods and also inside a little cottage in the edge of the woods.



Download the party invitation pack from the Creative Little Stars website.  This is a beautiful collection with hand drawn characters and ties your whole party together.  It includes invitation, banner, cup-cake cases, thank you notes and more.  It's beautiful.



A pretty wreath, large tissue paper flowers.

A red and white check table cloth with flowers and baskets.



  • To Grandmas
  • To Forrest
  • Beware of Wolf


Main characters

Little red riding hood: a much loved girl that loves to wear red, particularly her red cape and hood which is how she got her name.

The wolf: a sneaky wolf that thinks red riding hood and her Grandmother would make him a lovely meal. He tricks both the Grandmother and little red riding hood, catching them to make a meal for himself but later comes to his demise when the hunter catches him.

The hunter: the hunter is passing by the Grandmother's cottage when he stops by to discover the wolf has tricked both Little Red Riding hood and her Grandmother. He is able to set them both free.

Grandma: grandma is not well and is sick in bed waiting for Little Red Riding Hood to come and visit her.

Key phrases in the story

Little Red Riding Hood talks to the wolf who is dressed in her Grandmother's clothing.  Not knowing it is the wolf and thinking it is her Grandmother, they have the following conversation:

Little Red Riding Hood: 'What big ears you have!'


The wolf: 'All the better to hear you with.'


Little Red Riding Hood: 'What big eyes you have!'


The wolf: 'All the better to see you with.'


Little Red Riding Hood: 'what big teeth you have!'


The wolf: 'All the better to eat you with!'


What's in Red Riding Hoods basket? Memory game (ages 5+)

Little red riding hood goes to visit her Grandmother who is unwell.  Before she leaves, she packs here basket with things for Grandma to help her feel better.  Can you remember what things Little Red Riding Hood put in her basket?



Find or make a basket and collect items that would Little Red Riding Hood might have in her basket.


Items for the basket could include: a cake, a bottle of wine, flowers, hankies, a hand made card from Little Red Riding Hood, some cheese, some biscuits, some home made chicken soup, a note from Little Red Riding Hoods mother, bread, a book, a shawl, a piece of fruit, a water bottle and a brush.


Tip: select only 5-7 items, 4-5 if younger children.  You can always add more items and play again if the first time seems too easy for the group.


On a hand out page, have pictures of the items and/or their names.  Note: the pictures are for the younger children to circle as they may not be reading if quite young.


Before you give the list out, one by one show each item in the basket ensuring the children see it for a few seconds before it is hidden back in the basket.  When all the items are in the basket, cover it over with a cloth and hand out the check lists.  Give the children one minute and ask them to circle or tick off as many items they can remember that went in the basket.

Once the time is up, ask the children to swap with the child next to them so they are not marking their own work. Show the items again slowly and have the children mark the work.  The child that remembered the most items wins.


Flowers for Grandma hunt (ages 2+)



As Little Red Riding Hood heads off with her basket to her Grandmothers, she meets a wolf that convinces her to pick some flowers on the way.

Make your own flowers or use plastic ones and hide them around the party area.   Perhaps even print out a few wolf faces or signs saying 'Beware of the wolf' to hide among the flowers for an extra surprise.  When set, give each child a little basket and ask them to go on flower hunt to see how many they can collect. 

The little baskets can become part of the take home gift the end of the day.  Make sure sure you put names on them before handing them out.


Tip: Having the children to decorate their baskets before collecting the flowers is another fun activity.  Decorations can include stickers, glitter, coloured textas and paints.



What's the time Mr Wolf (ages 4+ but littlies love to join in)

One player is the wolf and he/she stands about 20 paces away from the other players with their back turned to them.

The players call to the wolf, "Whats the time Mr. Wolf" and the wolf turns to face the others as they call out a time. If the wolf says it is 2 o'clock, the players take two steps towards the wolf. If the wolf says it is 7 o'clock, the other players would take 7 steps toward the wolf.  Each time the wolf turns around to call out a new time, other players get closer and closer to the wolf.

When the players are close enough to the wolf so the wold might surprise them and the next time the players ask "Whats the time Mr Wolf" the wolf will say 'DINNER TIME!' the wolf then runs after the group hoping to catch someone before they are back safely over the start line again.  If the wolf does catch someone, they become the wolf and the wolf becomes one of the group.

Note: The tricky wolf will tease the other players getting the closer and closer with just a few steps at a time towards the end.


Hunter Hide and seek (ages 4+)


One person is 'The Hunter' who is looking for the other children who are the Grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood and The wolf.  The hunter counts loudly to 20 so the other children can hear and know now longer they have to hide. Quickly the children hide and the hunter must find them.


Dress ups and photo opportunities (all ages)


Have the kids dress up and pose for photos.  The photos will also make lovely thank you's after the party and great memories for you. Suggested dress up items: 

  • Grandma: nighty, bonnet, shawl, false teeth
  • Little Red Riding Hood: cape with hood, red dress, basket, red clothes
  • Wolf: fury ears, fang teeth, glasses
  • Hunter: boots, pretend hunting knife,  belt, hat

Have the kids pose individually, role playing the different scenes of the story and of course just mucking around. Candid photos are always fun too.

Party bag ideas

  • Use strong dinner serviettes or squares or red checkered fabric, put lollies in the middle and tie with string to a stick.
  • Make or purchase little baskets and fill with goodies like magnifying glasses for big eyes, wolf teeth and flowers.


Nothing beats the Little Red Riding Hood herself!

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