How to make a tall or boda hat

Whether it's for a fancy dress, Easter hat or bonnet parade or even a game, it's easy to make your hat out of cardboard.  We've used a couple of cereal boxes to make ours.  Once you have your hat, you can decorate it any way you want.  Check out some of these other hats ideas too.


Carrot crown, tall hat, bonnet

Rabbit in grass crown (the other side had easter eggs and a chick on it)

Rabbit hat

Step 1: Prepare your cardboard

Open and flatten out your ceral boxes so you have two nice flat pieces of cardboard to work with.

Step 2: Mark up the top and brim of your hat

Mark a circle the size to fit on your head (or the head you're making it for).

Mark a larger circle around it.  This will become the brim of your hat.

Step 3: Cut out the top and brim of your hat

Carefully cut out both your circles.  You will need both.  The small one will become the top of your hat.  The large one is the brim.

Step 4: Make the sides of your hat (tall or a short boda)

Next Using the second cereal box, mark the height you want for your hat (a tall hat or a shorter boda hat) ensuring you have at least a 1.5cm margin on the top and bottom edges.  We did this for two pieces of card ensuring both were exactly the same size.  These pieces will make 

We used a ruler to mark where our margin should be so we could keep it precise.

Make small cuts along the margin.  You can see in the first picture here we have 'frilled' the edges.  This makes more sense in the next steps.

Step 6: Insert the sides of your hat to your brim

Fold one edge of your side out so it will tuck under the brim of your hat, then insert.

We needed to pieces of card to ensure we could complete the sides of the hat.  We had a little bit over overlap which just helped to make the hat stronger. 

Step 7

We then turned the hat upside down and taped the tall edge to the under side of the brim of the hat.  Having the 'frill' allows you to keep your rounded edge.

Once held in place, we came back and secured the joins with paper (masking) tape. We used the masking tape as it's easy to paint over.

Step 8: Attach the top of your hat.

Turning the hat over again, fold the top frill down and inside the hat.  This creates a base for your top to sit on.

Place the top of your hat on the frill base.  You know it's the right size as you cut it out of the brim!

Step 9

Secure in place with tape.

When you are happy, secure properly with masking tape.

Step 10: Decorate

Now it's time to paint it, paper it or even cover in fabric or felt.

Get creative and add decorations to create your ideal hat!

Have fun!


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