Melting chocolate (candy melts) using a microwave

Chocolate melts are very easy to melt into a smooth creamy liquid but it helps to have a few tips.

Step 1

Place your melts in a heat proof dish and put them in the microwave on Medium/Low heat for approximately one minute.

Carefully remove the dish and stir well to ensure the heat is not gathered in one spot.  At first you may think the chocolate is not warming up but it is.

Place back in the microwave on Medium/Low heat.  Remove again and stir well.

Step 2

The buttons will start to melt.  Repeat the short bursts on low heat, followed by stiring.

When the buttons are almost melted, use the warmth in the dish to do the last bit of melting.  Stir well until all the buttons are melted.

Step 3

Once the buttons are all melted, they will look creamy and smooth.

Note: if you burn them, they go lumpy.

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