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Northern Beaches: parks, playgrounds & reserves

The following is a list of parks and playgrounds on the Northern Beaches, NSW, Australia.

When organising an event in a public area, check with the local council if there are any restrictions, booking options or other information you need to know.

For other great tips on organising an event in a public place, check out the Venue Tips

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Balgowlah Heights: Tania Park Reserve

Location: Dobroyd Scenic Drive Balgowlah Heights
Equipment: Fully enclosed fenced playground, barbeque facilities, cycle path, shad cloth, large playing field
Parking: Along Drobroyd Scenic Drive

Clontarf: Clontarf reserve

Location: On the waterfront, Sandy Bay Road Clontarf
Equipment: Sand pit, barbecue faculties, beach with enclosed swimming area. Kiosk.
Parking: Weekends can be busy. Reasonable size car park. Metered parking.

Ivanhoe Park: Manly

Location: Between Raglan Street and Sydney Road

Equipment: Playground, grassy park (also near oval)

Parking: Along Raglan Street or Sydney Road

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Location: Stuart Street near Carey Street

Equipment: Playground, BBQs, near to swimming enclosure at Little Manly Beach

Parking: Stuart Street. Also small parking area. 

Manly Dam (Manly Reservior)

Location: Sir Roden Cutler Vc Memorial Drive (Continues on from King Street)

Equipment: Various picnic areas, playground, swimming (fresh water)

Parking: car parks located throughout the reserve 

Manly West: Weeroona Reserve

Location: Jamieson Ave, Manly West
Equipment: Semi fenced playground, skate board path

Parking: Along Harland Street or Griffith Stret

Queenscliff: Lagoon Park reserve

Location:    Alongside the lagoon, Cameron Ave Queenscliff
Equipment: Fully enclosed fenced playground. Climbing ropes, slippery dips, sand pits, bike path, shade cloth.
Parking: Weekends can be busy.  Parking in either Cameron Ave (beach end) or Pittwater Road (small car park, short walk to park).

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