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Number shaped cakes

Celebrate any birthday with a number shaped cake.  Once you have the basic cake shape, you can decorate it in any style to suite the celebration!  Have fun.

Cutting numbers


  • Refrigerating the cake prior to cutting can help to reduce crumbs.
  • Cut the template of the shape you want to cut out of backing paper, waxed paper or even white photocopier paper.  Don't use coloured papers as this may stain the cake.
  • Place the cake on a tea towel or baking paper to catch the crumbs when cutting.  This just helps to clean up and remove crumbs easily so you have a clean workspace when you are icing.
  • Lay the template on the cake and secure it with toothpicks, small skewers or pieces of uncooked spaghetti.  Count the toothpicks, skewers or pieces of spaghettis as you put them in so you can be sure you got them all out later.
  • Use a small serrated knife to cut the shape in the cake.  Sometimes it's easier to cut away smaller segments as you go rather than large chunks.  This way you are less likely to make an unfixable mistake and you can gain confidence as you go along.



How to shape a:


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