Photo booth props

Unleash your inner child and have fun with these silly photo prop ideas!  Great for all sort of party themes from kids parties, Christmas, New Year or other special occasions, they are really easy to make.


Step 1

Download your selected template or create your own.  Print it on carboard or paper as suitable.

Tip: Smaller items need only be printed on paper.  Most of the items in this picture were printed on 210gsm card.

Step 2

Cut around the pieces before cutting in on the detail.  This makes it easier to manage when cutting the finer details.

Step 3

Trim into the detail to create the final shape.  Small scissors are good for simple shapes.  Blades may be needed on finer patterns and objects.

Tips: To add a little extra glamour, print and cut the templates out and use them as templates on glitter cardboard.

Another alternative is to add some extra bling with sick on gems, glitter glue, ribbon or whatever else suits your prop and theme.

Step 4

Turn your completed prop over and tape a skewer (with sharp point removed) or small dowel to the back.

Tip: Consider which hand people will hold the prop in and tape the prop so it is easy to hold in that hand.

Step 5

Place props in a jar or lay them out for people to choose from, get your camera ready and have some fun!

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