Pop corn box cake

Great for a Movie party or Hollywood party this is a fun and easy cake to make.

As you'll see below, there are various options you can use to decorate this cake depending on what you have available.

Resource: Pop corn box cake template (free, members only)

Step 1

Prepare your cakes by cutting off edges using a large serrated knife.

Step 2

Using a serrated knife, cut out the pop corn box shape in the cake using the pop corn box cake template.

Resources: Pop corn box template (free for members)

Step 3

Place an invisble cake board under your cake and put it on a turn table if you have one.  This makes it easy to smooth your butter cream or ganache on the cake.

Step 4

Cover your cake with butter cream to crumb coat it.  Add a second layer of butter cream before covering in white fondant. 

Alternative: You can leave it with just the butter cream icing.

Tip: Dip a metal knife in hot water, wipe dry and use it to smooth the final coat of butter cream to an even surface.  Chill your butter cream to set it and add additional layers of butter cream until you have the desired finish.

Step 5

Roll out your red fondant to about 2mm thick. Use a metal ruler and pizza cutter to create even strips of fondant.

Alternative: You can use red liquorice stips if you don't have access to fondant.

Step 6

Make a faint line mark at the top of the cake with a ruler where you want the red strips to start. Lay the first stip in the middle of cake and work your way to the edges laying your strips evenly over the rest of the cake.  When all in position, trim the excess fondant.

Tip: Fondant strips can be attached to the fondant covered cake covered by using a small brush and moistening the underside of each strip with a little water (not so much that it becomes wet and slippery, just enough to make it get sticky).

Step 7

Moisten the area where you want the marshmallows (pop corn) to stick with a little water.  Grab handfuls and push them against the moistened area until covered.

Alternative: You can use pop corn and it's best applied fresh just before serving.  You will also be best to adhere the pop corn directly to the butter cream rather than trying to stick them to the fondant. 

Step 8

Make a small square.  Using a circle cutter or piping tip, cut away the corners as shown.  Add the pop corn letters.  This can be done using small alphabet cutters, an edible pen or by painting the letters on with food colouring.  I added an edible gold edge for extra sparkle.

Step 9

Add your sign to your cake and any other decorations as desired (I added an edible gold star).

Have fun!

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