How to decorate raindeer cup cakes

Put a smile on the kids faces when Rudolf shows up as a tasty treat!

Follow these simple step by steps to see how.

Step 1

Cover your cup cake with either butter cream or jam (that doesn't have fruit in it).

This helps to smooth out bumps and keep your cake moist.

Step 2

Using a round cutter the size of your cup cake, cut a piece from thinly rolled fondant and lay it on your cup cake to create the face.

I've used white like snow here.

Step 3

Using a smaller cutter (about a third of the size of the cup cake), cut out circles of chocolate fondant.  these will be the raindeer faces.

Step 4

Using a smaller cutter again (about half the size of the one used to create the raindeer faces) cut a circle for each cup cake.  These will be for the ears.

Step 5

Cut each of the smaller circles in half.  Each half will make one ear.

Step 6

Using the end of a paint brush or skewer, fold the circle along in half along the straight edge then pinch it together.

Step 7

Using a little water as glue on both the faces and ears, position each ear under the face at the bottom of the cup cake.  Remember, you need to leave room for the antlers!

Step 8

Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, make some thin strips out of the left over chocolate fondant.

Step 9

Using the small circle cutter, cut some semi circles out of the outer edges of two matching strips.

Step 10

Using water as glue, attach these to the top of your raindeers head.  Bend them into shape as you attach them.

Step 11

Using the smaller circle cutter (make sure you clean it before using it with a different colour) cut a round red nose for each cup cake.

Step 12

Using a little water, attach it to the bottom of your raindeer face.

Step 13

Using some of the left over white fondant, cut some small, thin strips.  These are to add some shine to the nose so make them quite small.

Step 14

Attach your 'shines' to your raindeer nose along with a couple of small balls of black fondant and you have your cute raindeer cup cakes.

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