Sand art designs and fun

Fun and so easy to do.  Kids love layering the colours to create their own patterns and designs.  The finished products all look great and this simple art means very little mess to clean up!

Step 1

Source some different coloured crushed stone or coloured sand.

There are lots of colours around even some golds and silvers.

Step 2

You will also need to collect different shapped bottles and jars.  You can use recycled drink bottles or specially designed shaped ones.

You will need a small funnel to direct the sand.  This can be a plastic one or one craed from rolled up paper.

You'll also need a spoon to scoop up your sand.

Tip: Using smaller funnels and spoons allows children to take their time creating designs and to think carefully about the layers.

Step 3

Pick your colours and start spooning in the sand to create your layers.

Fill your jar or bottle all the way to the top leaving only the room you need to secure your lid.  This way you ensure the sand doesn't move around in the jar and mess up yoru pattern once you've secured your lid.

Have fun!

When you are finished, ensure you secure your lid carefully.

Step 4

When you are finished, you can also add some other creations.  This bottle became the basis of a body for a clown.  Let your imagination go!

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