Smash cake (also known as chocolate pinata)

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Back view: red racing car & wedding car

Smash cakes, also known as chocolate pinatas are a great gift or party game idea.  They are also lots of fun!  Like a traditional pinata you have to 'smash' it open to get the goodies.  The difference is, the container is also ALL chocolate!  Yes, you get to eat that too.  Follow these easy steps to make your own and decorate it in your own style.

Step 1: You'll need...

You'll need:

  • a mould for your pinata. Tip: I love silicon moulds as they are really easy to peal back when you remove the chocolate shape from them.
  • a heat proof dish suitable for the microwave or stove to melt your chocolate in
  • chocolate melts or candy melts


Step 2: Melt chocolate

Follow the directions on the pack to melt your chocolate.

Tip: if using the microwave to melt your chocolate use a med to med/low power and do lots of short bursts, stirring in between bursts to ensure there are no hot spots that will burn your chocolate.  You'll know if it's burned as it clumps up. When melted, it is smooth and creamy.

If you are melting your chocolate over the stove in a double boiler, ensure the chocolate doesn't come in contact with the steam or water at all.

Step 3: Fill your mould

Pour your melted chocolate into your mould and distribute it evenly.  You may need to keep spreading the chocolate over the mould as it sets to ensure it doesn't pool in one spot.  Also make sure you cover all spots evenly.  A trick is to hold the mould up to the light to see where the light shines through in the spots where the chocolate might be thinner. You can then add a little extra chocolate to even things out.  Maske sure you go right to the edges and ensure they are not too fragile as this is what will be sitting on the board or plate when you are finished.

Step 4: Tidy up

Tidy up the edges of your mould just before it sets.  A blunt butter knife or even a spoon edge is ideal to run along the edge to remove messy edges.

Tip: Ensure you use a blunt object if you have a silicon mould so you don't cut the mould.

When ready, allow chocolate to fully set.  Some time in the fridge can help (not too long as the chocolate will sweat).

Step 5: Reveal your pinata

Once your chocolate has set, peel back the edges gently all around to ensure the chocolate is not grabbing in any spots.  Once you are confident it can be removed, gently peel back the rest of the mould.  This is why I love silicon as it is so easy to use.

Tip: If you are using a metal mould, you will need to use hot towels over the tin until it remelts ever so slightly and can slip out.  Ensure you have it face down ready so it doesn't slip out and crack accidently.

Step 6: Decorate & enjoy

Your smash cake is now ready to decorate!

Once decorated, serve with a mini rolling pin, wooden spoon, or decorated piece of dowling or plastic rod.

Hide your treats underneath ready to spill out and enjoy when your pinata is smashed open.

Have fun! 

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