How to make handprint snowman baubles

Add a really personal touch to Christmas by creating your own personal snowman handprint baubles.  Something to treasure for years to come!

Step 1:

Select your plain baubles in your favourite colour or colours.  You can get shatterproof baubles which are safer than glass ones - handy when working with kids and they look just as pretty.  Make sure you choose a size that sits comfortably in the plam of the decorator.

You'll also needs white paint, a reasonable sized brush or sponge, a permanent marker and some coloured paints or other small items to stick on for decoration.

Step 2:

Paint the fingers on one hand (better to keep things simple with kids as they forget when they put the baubles down that their hands are covered in paint).

Step 3:

Hand the bauble to the decorator ensuring it is placed deep into the palm so their fingers wrap right around the bauble.  It's the finger prints that will give the snowmen their shape.

Carefully rest the baubles upside down in a cup, egg cup or other item ensuring you don't smudge the paint until dry. 

Step 4:

Once the paint is dry, grab your permanent marker and add some buttons, smiles and eyes.

Step 5:

Next, grab a small brush and some orange paint to add some carrot noses.

Step 6:

Finally, add some hats, scarves, beanies or other decorations to create your personalised baubles!

Hang and enjoy!

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