Spider web windows

Great for Halloween a Wizard and witches party or even a spooky sleep-over!

This is so easy to create and much better than any real web.

Step 1

Using black wool, curling ribbon or even string, start by making a big X across your window.  This window was created using black curling ribbon. This was just sticky taped in the corners on the inside of the window and we made sure our X was lined up in the centre of the window.

Step 2

Start your web by tying the curling ribbon just off centre on one of the X strands.

Step 3

Working from the middle toward the outer edge in a clockwise direction, loop the ribbon around the next X strand to secure it then move it to the next one and secure it and so on.  Continue working in a clockwise direction moving further and further out until you reach the edge of your web.

Step 4

Add a few decorations such as plastic spiders, plastic dead flies and you have your  web.