Step by Step: Super hero jet pack or SCUBA pack

Fly me to the moon!  Swim beneath the waves. This fun dress-up craft is so easy it will put a smile on any super hero's face. Get ready to unleash your super powers when you put on this super hero jet pack or super hero SCUBA tanks.  Can also be used for super sluths and supe spys!

Step 1

Collect two bottles the size you want your super hero jetpack or SCUBA back pack to be.  Clean off labels and wash out so they aren't sticky.

Step 2

Paint with silver paint.  I used a brush to avoid spray getting every where in the small space I had to work.

When choosing paint, ensure it is suitable for using on plastic.

Step 3

Get several long lengths of red and silver curling ribbon to use as your 'jet fire power'.  Curl them by running the edge of a knife or scissors along the length.

Tie a knot in the middle (this gives you a bulky nob for glueing later).

Step 4

Fold in half and glue at your nobby area. I use a glue gun and it's so easy.  It sets really quickly so there's no waiting around. 

Step 5

Place your 'fire' into the bottle so the glue attaches inside and dries.

Step 6

Place some glue in between your bottles and glue your straps on.  Make sure your straps are long enough to tie around the person or child that's going to wear them.

Step 7

When everythings set... get rready to take off!

Step 8


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