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tutorial: Teddy Bear Face cup cakes


This little teddy bear face cup cake is so cute and easy to make. This one is made with chocolate fondant but you can make them any colour and they are just as sweet!

Step 1


Roll out your fondant so it is quite thin - about 2mm thick.

Step 2


Select a cutter that will ensure you cut the fondant large enough to cover your cup cake.

Step 3



Using the selected cutter to cover your cup cake and a smaller cutter, cut one large piece for the face and two smaller ones (for the nose and ears).

Step 4

Using a pinwheel, draw a line of stiching direclty down the middle of the large circle. If you don't have a pinwheel, you can draw a line with a knife edge or create a row of stitches with a toothpick or similar. 

Step 5

Place one of the small circles slightly below the centre line. This will become the nose/mouth area.

Step 6


Make a line from the top of the circle to the middle of the circle in line with the row of stitching on the circle below.

Step 7

Using a small knife or the end of a toothpick, create crease lines along the stitching line on the large circle.


Step 8


Using the edge of a small circular cutter or a piping tip make the curve smile on either side of the centre line on the smaller circle.

Step 9

Using a darker or contrasting fondant create three little balls. Use two for eyes and one for the nose placing it above the centre line on the smaller circle.

Step 10


 Cut the remaining small circle in half.  These pieces will be used for ears.

Step 11


Place the two halves of the small circle on each side of the face as ears and you will have your little bear.

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