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Party themes

A party theme is a great way to bring all the elements together.  Decorations, food, games and entertainment can all stem from the one idea.  Themes can also help you organise the event as you can more easily choose colour schemes or food that matches your theme.

Themes are also fun for dressing up or creating atmosphere.

Coming up with your own theme

Inspriation can come from just about anywhere, a favourite book, a funny film, or a place you've visited.  For small children it might be a favourite toy like a teddy bear or game that gets the creative juices flowing.  If you come up with something you want to share with My little party planner then jump on our forum and let us know.  We'd love to hear your ideas. 

Here are a few of our suggestions for you to enjoy.  We'ill be adding more all the time.  Have fun!


Alice in Wonderland

 Beach party 


Camping party 


Little Red Riding Hood


 Wizards and dragons

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