Toadstool cake

Perfect for little fairy houses this toadstool cake is ideal for a fairy party or garden party.

Step 1: Bake cakes

The top and bottom of the toadstool are made using pyrex pudding bowls.  One is slightly smaller than the other.  I also made one cake chocolate and the other vanilla.  You can see they will sit nicely on top of each other to create a toadstool shape.

Step 2:  Decorate

Butter cream

You can use butter cream or fondant to decorate your cakes.  Here is an example of butter cream.  You can use any colour you like then decorate with smarties, chocolate drops or buttons for the spots.

Tip: If using butter cream, ice the bottom cake first (this will be the smaller of the two cakes).  Use a hot knife to get a smooth surface, dipping it in hot water, wiping it over and making the strokes even and long as you go. A turn table is really handy to use here.

Once you have iced the bottom cake, carefully place the larger top cake on and secure with a wodden skewer.  Ensure the skewer is large enough not to be a chocking hazard for small children and strong enough to hold the cakes together.

Once the top cake is on, repeat the icing technique as above.


If using fondant, cover your bare cakes with a thin layer of butter cream or jam (without fruit or seeds that will show in your fondant).  This will act as a glue to adhere your fondant to your cake.

Once your cake is ready, roll your chosen fondant colour for the small cake out ensureing it is large enough to cover the cake.  Drape it over the cake, smooth it from top to bottom and trim the edge.  Do the same for the top cake but ensure fondant is large enough to cover the cake and tuck the edges under the bottom of the cake.  Use a little water on the top of your bottom cake, only enough to make things sticky but not slippery.  This will help you 'glue' your top cake to your bottom cake.

Once ready, place the top cake (the larger of the two) on top of the smaller cake to create your toadstool.

Step 3: Decorate

You can use left over fondant to decorate by creating 'spots'.  These spots were created by rolling out the fondant and using a piping tip to cut the spots out.  A skewer helped to remove the fondant from the inside of the piping tip if it didn't shake out.

Add your own touches...

Adding some sugar flowers, bugs and animals ensured the toadstool looked clourful and pretty.

The added fairy was perfect for the fairy party we had.


This version has a butter cream bottom and fondant top.

It uses choc buttons as spots, sugar flowers and fairys and coconut grass.  The large fairy here is a little china figurine.

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