Train (or truck) cake

Toot toot!  This big red train is on the way to celebrate.

With a few less wheels and a slight rearrangment of the cake shpes, you can create a truck instead of a train.

Step 1: Prepare the cakes

This train used two oblong cakes.  Both cakes were cut length ways about two-thirds in.  This allowed one of the larger pieces to remain flat as the body section.  The second large piece was then placed standing up at the back of the other to act as the 'cab' section for the train.

Place one of the smaller off cuts on top of the body to create the engine case.

Step 2: Ice the cake

Using a butter cream icing, place it quite thickly all over the cake.  Use a hot knife (a metal knife placed in hot water then wiped dry) to help smooth out your icing until you are happy with it.

Tip: a turn table is very handy when icing cakes as it allows you to move them easily as you work.

Step 3: Decorate

The wheels here were circles of black fondant.  Chocolate covered biscuites or other round shaped sweets like mints or giant smarties will also work.  Chocloate buttons work too.

The windows here were white fondant squares and oblongs.

The edging, front bumpers and links between the wheels were licorice stips.

The lights were two small marshmallows (alternatives are tick tacs) and a yellow candy coated almond as the main light.  Other round lollies will also work.  Let your imagination run wild in the lolly isle and have fun.

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