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Community halls & venues

Public parks & playgrounds

Venue selection tips

When selecting any venue ensure...

  • The venue is suitable for the number of guests (including potential parents and siblings) even when the whether changes.
  • Can you child proof the area for your party or quarantine areas you don't want visitors going?
  • Is it safe - are kids secured from broken fences near busy roads, kept out of pool areas, away from creeks, ponds, beaches etc?
  • How accessible is the venue (parking availability or time restrictions, transport etc)?

Hiring Scout halls, community centres 


  • Can you plug in a music player for games or background music?
  • What control do you have over heating and air-conditioning?
  • What catering equipment do you need to bring or is supplied (cutlery, cups etc)?
  • What facilities are available and how do you use them (ovens, microwaves, instant hot water etc)?
  • What insurance requirements are there?
  • What cleaning up equipment do you need to bring or is supplied (where are recycling bins, do you need to take rubbish off site with you when finished)?
  • How do you arrange access for set up?
  • What do you do at end of event ie return keys etc?
  • Accessibility to toilets – do they need to be unlocked?

Parks, playgrounds and public spaces

Check …

  • Do you need to book?  Some councils/national park rangers will cordon off an area for your party if you pre-book and a fee may be required. Check with your local council about public space bookings if you are not sure.
  • What restrictions does the council impose ie alcohol may not be consumed in certain areas, noise limits or short term parking limits may apply.
  • Location and cleanliness of toilets (do you need to bring toilet paper and soap)?
  • Is it safe – are kids near busy roads, rock face drops creeks/ponds/beaches etc?
  • How accessible is the venue (parking, transport etc)?
  • What shelter is available if it rains or is very hot?
  • Do you need to bring tables and picnic rugs or are there some facilities there?

Professional party venues

Check …

  • Minimum and maximum numbers and the corresponding costs.
  • Exactly what is covered for your event, do they just supply the venue or is it all inclusive (food, entertainment and cleaning up).
  • What entertainment options are there?
  • Can they cater for special requirements ie allergies?
  • Can they provide drinks or catering for attending adults/siblings and any cost involved?
  • What cake options are there? Can you supply your own or do you need to order one from them?  Is the cake extra or included?
  • What time restrictions are there?
  • How accessible is the venue (parking, transport, disability etc)?
  • How you need to manage extra guests or guests that don’t show – is there a cost involved?
  • How you pay the bill (deposits, final bill)?

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